A 60 acres green area in the heart of Catanzaro, the park is an ecosystem in itself, in which the naturalistic dimension is intertwined with the cultural one -there is an important open air art collection. It is home for the CRAS, the Center for saving wounded wild animals. There is a well-equipped playground for babies   24 Km to Oasi..


BOSCO SOSPESO a Cenadi, Serre Calabresi: suitable for adults and children, acrobatic routes in height, picnic area and barbeque, nature excursions

.  27 Km to Oasi.



PARCO ECO-ESPERIENZIALE Orme nel Parco,immersed in a beautiful beech forest, height trails, sensory trails and much more

.  Loc. Tirivolo Sila Piccola: about 55 Km to Oasi


VALLI CUPE   Natural Reserve, canyon and waterfalls

35km about to Oasi (SS106),   50 km (SS280)