Places and art

Scolacium, archaeological park and museum

The ruins of the Greek colony Skylletion, which eventually became the Roman town os Scolacium are near to Oasi, at just about 5 km., in an olive trees plantation much like the one in which we are. There is also a small, charming museum with statues and artifacts.


Squillace high town

The old town of Squillace, dominated by the massive ruins of a Norman castle, still retains its medieval allure. There are many little workshops where pottery is prepared in the traditional way.

At just about 7 km to Oasi.


Soriano Calabro, The remains of the grandiose Convent of San Domenico and the MUMAR museum. About 70 km to Oasi.

Punta Stilo (Kaulonia).

The old Greek town of Kaulonia is just right on the beach, in an incredibly charming spot, with no one in sight. Perfect for a sunset swim. At 42 km. from Oasi


Stilo and the Cattolica.

56 km dall’Oasi. Stilo is a spectacular small town ripe with churches and cathedrals. The Cattolica, a small frescoed Byzantine church, is its jewel of the crown, overlooking the town from the slopes of a mountain disseminated with caves, for centuries home for countless hermits.


Bivongi, Monastero of S.Giovanni  Theresti.

Founded around the ninth century enlarged in the second half of the twelfth century it was abandoned in the seventeenth. Today the restored basilica has been reopened to the Greek Orthodox cult, inhabited by a community of Romanian monks. It is 60 km from Oasi.


Castello and Torre S.Fili. Watchtower, now semi-destroyed, built in the 16th century. Marvellous view.


Locri Epizefiri, archaeological site and museum of the ancient city founded around the 8th century B.C. from Greek colonists