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In a poetic place of memory, a festival that seeks meaning in the harmony of the arts;
where music, theatre, dance, legend and history of yesterday and today intersect,
in the name of Culture AND Beauty as an ethical and aesthetic value, individual and collective

If it is true that people and music possess the ability to transform places like a plastic force, ARMONIED’ARTEFESTIVAL has always gone along with the incomparable and archetypal charm of the Scolacium archaeological park, adding contemporary value to its intrinsic value, with a dense and intense activity over 18 YEARS “to remember”: Art and Culture through music, theatre, dance and more.
Moreover, “armonie d’arte”, which stands for “harmony among the arts”, declines the natural inclination of the festival towards a complex idea of Beauty, as a functional and shared positivity which, in the possible intersection of different genres and artistic styles and of different times and worlds, represents a profound and powerful value system and expresses a renewed humanism.
A cultural strategy that has proved extraordinarily successful in enhancing this cultural asset, the Scolacium Archaeological Park, a place of extraordinary scenic beauty and important monumental value, a site of excellence in the entire southern area; a Magna Graecia and Roman colony, then a Norman settlement, in a vast centuries-old olive grove, on a gentle hill that slopes down to the sea and just 200 metres as the crow flies from the white Ionian beach, in the territory of Borgese, adjacent to that of the regional capital; in an area with a high tourist vocation and 20 minutes from Lamezia Terme, Calabria’s most important airport and railway junction.

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