A place where the heart opens and the soul is reconciled with nature.
An old farmhouse and five ground-floor flats with a large patio, with a swimming pool, large spaces, silence and peace, surrounded by over 76 hectares of private olive grove. You will feel enveloped by the energy of 7000 olive trees, most of them multi-hundred years old.

The Governor’s Oasis is an ideal location to organise yoga retreats, meditation and other spiritual or philosophical seminars to reflect and find peace and rest. It could be a real silent retreat, during which, in absolute privacy, you can immerse yourself in the palm grove or practice asanas and meditate with the sunrise on the beautiful wild beach in front of the property.

You can learn elements of Calabrian cuisine (vegetarian cuisine or traditional Calabrian cuisine on request) or just indulge in “dolce far niente” at the edge of our pool. The stay can also be rounded off with delightful excursions – in collaboration with Antoior Travel – an experiential agency experienced throughout Calabria – to discover secluded and unspoiled places, such as the medieval villages along the Ionian coast, the canyons of the Calabrian Fiumare or the mountain peaks, to be reached by trekking or mountain bike.

At the Governor’s Oasis, spring is the time of colorful flower-filled meadows, spontaneous grass and wild asparagus, abundant mimosas lining the paths, flowering almond trees and the intense scent of orange blossoms in the orange groves. The mornings are blue and full of sparkling light; the rains come suddenly and make way for the sun, which immediately warms up.
In autumn, the ochre and brown earth contrasts with the ashen green of the ancient olive trees. The light is radiant, warm and golden, the days are still warm, as is the water of the sea and the pool where you can still pleasantly swim. Daytime temperatures are around 20-25 degrees. The woods and forests offer beautiful walks and many mushrooms to collect.

The Governor’s Oasis is divided into flats for 4-5 people each and can accommodate up to 35 people, with a maximum of twenty yoga practitioners.

Hosting yoga groups is a service we offer in March, April, May and October. Bookings are available from March 2021.