900 metres of footpath all within the property to be covered on foot, by bike or by car From the farm to the sea through olive groves, meadows and pine forests. A beautiful natural setting that will allow you to come into close contact with nature and the peculiarities of the place. You can relax as you listen to the rustling of the leaves in the wind and breathe in the scents of the many varieties of flowers. During the walk, you will be able to observe the countless glimpses of indigenous flora and the multitude of colours in a blaze of colours and combinations that will make you feel like the protagonists of a landscape painting so dear to the Impressionists. Near the beach, inside a container, there are umbrellas, deck-chairs and chairs.

The 900-metre path, which can be covered on foot, by bike or by car, connects the farmhouse to a long beach of golden sand, difficult to reach from other roads and therefore never crowded.

An unspoilt beach whose fine sand almost dazzles with its golden reflections, framed by the green of the pines with its transparent waters, it is a true paradise where tranquillity and beauty accompany you all year round.