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There are plenty of routes to take
on foot, by bike or mountain bike, just ask!


There are several routes that can be taken on foot along scenic secondary roads, winding through nature, amidst the scents and colours of the Mediterranean, or in the woods of the nearby Serre and Piccola Sila, or along the streams that carve out valleys, or following one of the many nature trails that start from the surrounding villages.

  • the Path through the pine forest leading from the Oasis to Squillace Lido
  • from Montepaone to Gasperina, secondary road in the hills with sea views
  • from Gasperina to Montauro
  • Montepaone to Caminia

the Valli Cupe Canyon of pre-Sila Sersale: the source of the fiumara, which has carved the canyon for millennia, is located a four-hour walk away at the entrance to the valley; therefore, it offers a good opportunity for those who enjoy trekking to climb up to the beginning.


We organise trekking in Aspromonte, Serre, Sila and Piccola Sila, expert guides will take you to visit wild and breathtaking landscapes in a still unknown Calabria.


Cycling or mountain biking combines the pleasure and health of physical activity with the opportunity to get to know places of great natural, environmental, historical, archaeological and gastronomic interest.

In the vicinity of the Oasis, all of these itineraries are possible and are multiplied by a radius of 50 km.

Due to the characteristics of the area, the route is mostly hilly, with inevitable climbs and descents, while there are some nice stretches of pine forest and some along the sea, trying to avoid the SS 106 as much as possible because it is quite narrow and exposed.

From the Oasis, it is possible to cycle through the pine forest to Squillace lido.

In the surrounding area there are several MTB routes, especially in the wild environment of the Serre or, if you wish, of the Sila piccola, with different degrees of difficulty and there is no shortage of those for those who want to test their technical skills.

There are also several asphalt cycle routes of different lengths. The provincial roads in the hinterland are little frequented, scenic, with gorges, meadows beautifully blooming in spring, forests or the blue sea as a backdrop.

They lead to small towns and villages that are often located on high ground with differences in altitude of 300-400 metres: Squillace, Amaroni, Gasperina, Staletti, Girifalco, San Floro, Cortale… you can easily build routes by looking at a map of the area.

Below are some of the itineraries described by the Calabrian bikers’ group “Onda d’urto” dedicated “to local hiking, whose main objective is to make the countless wonders of Calabria known, first and foremost…… to the Calabrians!”, other descriptions from the travel diary of “Turisti per caso” or from the experiences of cycling enthusiasts, as well as useful links to maps, other itineraries and information.


How to move along the coast. ('tourists by accident')

From Catanzaro Lido, you can take the train, a littorina that follows the Ionian coast, to discover the seaside towns of Locride, the Costa degli Aranci and the province of Crotone. The stretch of the Ionian coast is the most interesting historically, due to the enormous archaeological riches it contains. From south to north there is the site of Locri Epizephiria three kilometres from the town of Locri, the remains of ancientKaulona Monasterace Marina, the Scolacium park in Roccelletta di Borgia, and the Capo Colonna area not far from Crotone.

For everyone: given the particular nature of the sites, we are committed to careful and considerate waste management.

Technical INFO

Bike rental in Catanzaro Lido: Notaro Pietro, Via Nazionale 125 (not far from the FS train station) hours 9-13; 15.30-20.00 cost MTB rental about 10 euros per day. Tel. 0961-360443; cell. 338-4072258.

Cycles assistance in Catanzaro Lido: Cicli Papaleo, Via Crotone 137, Tel: 0961738657 Cell: 3397463748. Opening hours 9.10-13.00; 16-20. (NB. Cicli Papaleo also rents out bicycles, but the asking price is 23 euros per day).

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