There are several routes that can be taken on foot along scenic secondary roads, winding through nature, amidst Mediterranean scents and colours, or in the woods of the nearby Serre, Piccola Sila or Aspromonte. You can trek along the streams that carve out valleys, or follow one of the many nature trails that start in the surrounding villages.

  • the Path through the pine forest leading from the Oasis to Squillace Lido

  • From Montepaone to Gasperina, secondary road in the hills with sea views

  • From Gasperina to Montauro

  • From Montepaone to Caminia

  • Valli Cupe di Sersale pre-Sila canyon:
    the source of the fiumara, which has carved out the canyon for millennia, is located a four-hour walk away at the entrance to the valley and therefore offers a good opportunity for those who enjoy trekking to climb up to the beginning.


biodiversity park

Oasi del Governatore - Parco delle Biodiversità

In Catanzaro, 24 km from the Oasis; a green area covering 60 hectares in the heart of the city of Catanzaro. The park is an ecosystem with a great variety of flora and fauna, and is a multi-thematic system in which the naturalistic dimension is intertwined with the cultural, sporting and recreational dimension (particularly designed for children). It also houses the CRAS (wildlife rescue centre) and a prestigious open-air collection of contemporary art.


Oasi del Governatore - Il Bosco Sospeso

It is the ideal destination for anyone wishing to come into direct contact with the most unspoiled nature, breathe pure air, get away from the hectic pace of the city, and enjoy a bit of relaxation amidst the age-old vegetation that frames this unique experience. Acrobatic courses in the trees offer adults and children the opportunity to test their courage and balance in symbiosis with nature.


Oasi del Governatore - Orme nel Parco

“Footsteps in the park” is Calabria’s adventure park. The first park created in the Sila National Park. A park where you can breathe the cleanest air in Europe. A park where adventure takes centre stage, surrounded by a breathtaking environment perceived with all the senses.
Here you can enjoy eco-sensory experiences in nature, both in summer and winter with snowshoes, involving all five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. Through the use of the protective equipment provided, which allows you to move in total safety, it is possible to carry out acrobatic courses in the trees with games that differ in level of difficulty or to stimulate the psycho-motor factor through emotional control with sport climbing.
The Adventure Park is eco-friendly, offering attractions and activities for everyone: school groups, families, organized groups, companies.


Oasi del Governatore - Valle Cupa canyon

The territory of the Valli Cupeand Monte Raga is covered by plant associations characteristic of the Mediterranean scrub and garrigue, such as cisteto, lantisceto and lecceta. The Valli Cupe offer hikers beautiful landscapes both up the Fegato River and down Monte Raga. The characteristic crevasses of natural origin have been widened and lengthened by birds, including birds of prey, which choose this undisturbed and quiet place for nesting. Going up the river, the walls hide the entrance to a wonderful canyon. The Canyon, with its waterfalls and winding walls that tend to meet at the top, obscure the sky, creating an ideal habitat for protected and rare animal and plant species. The source of the Fiumara is a four-hour walk from the entrance, so it offers a good opportunity for those who enjoy trekking, to climb up to the beginning.